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1, Aug 20, 2012

The future is bright though the roads might be full of obstables

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I sounded overly optimistic on my yesterday’s posting, as if I were not worried at all over my son’s decision to go on his own.

For the record, I do worry as I always do. There is no change on that part of me. Yet, I am more delighted and encouraged than worried and concerned. I try to see the bright side. And I believe you cannot expect to gain anything without losing something. In this case, he stands to gain everything at the cost of his job. Or you have to break your iron bowl in order to gain a gold bowl.

Still, I keep telling my son that he needs to prepare for any possible obstacles and setbacks, as the road to glory is always full of hardships, twists and turns. Keep alive your dreams, but never dream of smooth sailing in your searching for the bright future.

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