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1, Aug 23, 2012

The collateral damage of Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape”

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Seeing the massive negative responses to this famous Todd Akin statement, the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and many other Republicans lost no time in minimizing the damage by calling Akin to quit.

It is hard to imagine the storm would abate even with the stepdown of  Akin, if he does. The GOPs will sooner or later face the quagmire of their own creation — the consistency in their stands on pro-life, abortion, and rape.

If anything, Todd Akin is punished for being consistent and his lack of flip-flopping. If you are a pro-life and believe abortion is killing, you should oppose any form  of abortion. Allowing rape-pregnancy abortion seems to say this type of abortion is not killing, which runs against the belief of equating all abortion to murdering.

Sometimes, you give up something in order to gain something bigger. Some politicians, who want to keep total control on everything from economy to women’s uterus and fight battle on social, cultural and economic fronts, will end up losing the major battle, just like losing a whole water melon in order to keep a few melon seeds. This is something that Todd Akin accidentally taught us.

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