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1, Aug 25, 2012

Read one level above you

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My son once said, “I am not easily entertained.” I am not sure what he meant, but when I pick a book to read, I am a picky reader, hard to please.

When my daughter was in elementary school, her teacher told the class, “Pick up a book and read.” As if reading anything is better than not reading. It is probably OK for the little kids just to get them into the habit of reading. But still, I would not advice reading indiscriminately.

I don’t just pick up one and read, as I will be upset if I find out the author is not smarter than I am. Yuck! What a waste of time! Don’t you feel cheated when you have jammed a book into your brain and found no nutrients whatsoever! Or feel offended when you find out the author tries but fails to manipulate your mind with his bias!

Read to think, to learn and to grow. A safe rule to follow is to always read one level above you.

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