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1, Aug 13, 2012

Mitt Romney is going too far right to win the election

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Last Saturday, Mitt Romney announced his running-mate — Paul Ryan, which pushed himself and his party further to the right.

Ryan, being famous for Ryan’s budget proposal, is very keen on cutting taxes for the top 1% and undermining benefit for the most needed ones in the society.

Socially, he is truly conservative, anti-gay, anti-abortion even if it was the result of incest. Ryan is certainly on the route to push the country back to the 18th century. Isn’t it queer that he cares more for the unborn than for the underprivileged who happen to have been born?

The country is only restrained by the level of intelligence of the majority of people. On this, I am not optimistic. I shudder over the future of the country if Romney and Ryan ruled.

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