Life is full of risks and adventures, no risk, no gain.

On 8/9/2012, my son called home. He told me one of his high school classmates was in New York, looking for jobs. She told my son that she would move back to Kansas if she couldn’t find a job in New York.

Of course, many people were surprised over my son’s choice. That is, quit his day job at the time when many people cannot find jobs. Once again, I shared with him my thought on this.

Most people seek stability and avoid risk, the so-called keeping one’s iron bowl. That’s why most people remain relatively stable and unchanged throughout their lives.

Yet, life is full of risks and adventures. No risk, no gain. The higher the risk, the higher the potential gain. Venture out on your own legs, even if you have to give up your current position. In the long run, you will be much better off after you try out yourself. You got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Go your own way and you won’t regret.

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