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1, Aug 9, 2012

America is number one on bathroom scale

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We are all too familiar with the worrisome weight issue of the Americans. Still, I was a bit surprised when I read this one.

During the weekend of 7/14/, I read this piece of information on world’s heaviest countries on average person from Time magazine of July 9, 2012 issue.

World average pound per person: 137 pounds.
Some of the overweight countries are:
Egypt: 163 pounds
United Arab Emirates: 167 pounds
Croatia: 168 pounds
Qatar: 169 pounds
Kuwait: 171 pounds
The winner is —
The United States: 180 pounds!!

People living in desert heat countries spending more time in air-conditioned room have excuse for the extra pounds when they don’t have enough outdoor exercise.

But what excuses do Americans have, other than an unhealthy lifestyle in which overeating replaces exercise?

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