Tips on dealing with difficult persons, part II

Continued from yesterday. The author offers some tactics on dealing with these unreasonable, crazy people. They are self-defense mechanisms. Some of them really work!

1) Minimize time with them. Minimizing your exposure to pathology goes a long, long way.

2) Keep it logical. Keep communications fact-based, using minimal details.

3) Don’t drink around them. That’s easy.

4) Focus on them in conversation. A way to avoid being the target of demeaning comments, manipulation or having your words twisted is to say as little as possible.

Offer minimal information and get them talking about themselves (if you have to be around them or talk to them, that is)—they are a far safer conversation subject than you are.

5) Give up the dream that they will one day be the person you wish they’d be. Giving up the hope and fully accepting this person for who they really are can be an unbelievable relief after what is sometimes a lifetime of wishing.

6) Stay away from topics that get you into trouble. Before going into an interaction with a difficult person, review in your mind the topics that invite attack and be proactive about avoiding them.

7) Don’t try to get them to see your point of view. Don’t try to explain yourself or try to get them to understand you and empathize with your perspective. They won’t, and you’ll just feel worse for trying.

8) Create a distraction. If you absolutely have to spend time with someone who typically upsets you, try to be around them in circumstances that offer some sort of distraction.

I love these great tips! Real lifesavers!

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