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1, Jul 16, 2012

Tips for hot days from Harvard Medical School, part II

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The second tip is on heat and humidity. This is more a common sense.

Your metabolism always generates heat, and when you exercise, your muscles crank out 20 times more. That’s okay if body heat can pass out into cool air. As the temperature rises, though, cooling becomes difficult, even impossible.

The evaporation of sweat can also take away lots of body heat, but as the humidity rises, this too becomes difficult, then impossible. Heat that can’t be shed externally remains trapped in the body.

That’s when problems develop. Some are mild (muscle cramps), others serious (heat exhaustion), and some can be lethal (heat stroke).

Avoid sunlight. Schedule your outdoor activity in the early morning or the evening to avoid direct sunlight and always take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

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