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1, Jul 11, 2012

The girl that I met on my way back

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On my way back to Kansas, I was lucky again to have an aisle seat. The man sitting by the window was heading for LA where his 24-year-old daughter was in a Ph.D. program at University of South California. He thought I was a visiting parent, too.

The girl sitting to my left was a 19-year-old ABC from Seattle. She was a sophomore at a small liberal art college in Colorado. She majored in political science and sociology, planning to work for some NGO. She said she would work with the poor people to narrow the inequality in the world. She realized she would be poor all her life as she would work as volunteer most of the time.

I asked her what her parents thought of her choice. “They are not happy about it, but they know once I made up my mind, they would have to accept it.”

I told her, “You might not be rich, but you shall be happy doing what you enjoy. Good luck.”

I have a sense that the girl must have had some rough time with her parents. She might also have some kind of prejudice thinking all Chinese parents are the same, defining success as top earners, including me.

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