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1, Jul 22, 2012

Summer programs, activities benefit the children

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I am so glad that my daughter had a wonderful time at CM in Pittsburgh. The more I talk with her, the more I am convinced of the benefits of summer program or activities on the children.

If it is financially affordable, high school students should participate summer camp or summer program or any summer activities away from home out of town.

It is an opportunity for the teenagers to learn to be independent, adapting to a new environment, dealing with and interacting with strangers. Kids become mature faster in this out in the world experience.

I was not surprised to learn from my daughter that there were plenty of Asian kids like her in this summer program, which meant Asian parents are more willing to invest in their children’s education. In fact, my daughter’s roommate was a girl from Xi’an, China. Of course, she met and made friend with many ABCs like her.

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