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1, Jul 3, 2012

Postpone doing what we should do

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After I returned from China on 6/18, I went through the pile of mails that came during my absent days. There was one letter from Massachusetts Department of Revenue regarding my son’s 2011 tax return. I need to respond within 30 days, that is, before 7/6/2012.

This is a headache to me. So I postponed till last Sunday. Before tackling this matter, I cleaned the room, thinking I needed a big clean space to work on this. I delayed facing the issue until I found no more excuse for my delaying.

As soon as I got it over, I said to myself, “I have enough torture for the day. Now I deserve a break.” By that I meant doing something I enjoy. In fact, I spent more time before and after this tax return issue.

After the day was over, I thought to myself. Gee, why can’t I spend the whole time doing something I don’t enjoy but I should do? Now I can understand how my daughter feels sometimes.

P.S. I contacted my daughter yesterday evening. She was doing beautifully there with some new friends around. Glad it turned out this way.

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