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1, Jul 19, 2012

On the way to Beijing…

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From Hong Kong to Beijing, I took Dragon Air. It was a three-hour flight. There were two young Chinese students sitting to my left.

They seem to come from rather well-off families, each holding an ipad and playing games most of the time. I chatted with them and learned that both of them were college students in London. They came back for summer break, one back to home in Xi’an, the other in a small town in Shangdong province.

The one sitting next to me is 23 years old. Both of them major in finance. They look well-fed and clothed, leading a seemingly carefree life. They really look younger than their age.

One of the boys asked if I was a teacher. He said I looked like coming from America. He asked me when I first went to America. I told him “Before you were born.” Indeed, both of them are about my son’s ago. Yet, they are so different.

When I asked them their plan after graduation, both of them wanted to continue for graduate study. “What will you do after that?” I asked. “Look for job,” one answered without enthusiasm. I got an impression that graduate study partially served for postponing job-hunting.

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