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1, Jul 21, 2012

My daughter came back yesterday…

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The day before my daughter left Pittsburgh, she did not sleep, spending the whole night packing and chatting with friends.

Yesterday morning, I set my alarm at 4 AM, which is 5 AM eastern time. I called her, making sure she was up and getting ready for the trip. To my surprise, she was already on the bus to the airport. She told me she left school around 4 AM.

That was scary. I can’t imagine how she dragged two pieces of luggage plus a backpack and a portfolio bag to the bus station. Her flight was at 8 AM. She would be super early when she got off the bus, found United Airline, got her boarding passes, and reached the departure terminal/gate.

I told her to take a nap while waiting. Of course, that was all I could think of at the moment.

She made a transfer in Newark, NY. Originally, the flight should leave at 12 noon, but it delayed again and again until about 4 PM. I was worried about my daughter as I kept thinking of the previous sleepless night that she had.

Finally, she made it back at about 6 PM. She told me she had a wonderful time there, learning new things and making new friends, having a taste of college life, etc. That makes all the hardship worthwhile and tolerable.

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