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1, Jul 7, 2012

Looking back, six years ago…

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That was the summer of 2006, when my son was 17, the summer before his high school senior year, he went to Russia for a summer internship. He funded the trip with the money he made through his internet venture.

After he came back, he told me some people missed home and spent lots of money calling home from Russia. Before he left, I told him to send me an email everyday so that I knew he was OK and that he did.

He told me he spent as much time as he could in lab doing experiment and writing research paper. As the result, he submitted the paper to two national science competitions and both reached semi-finalist level. In fact, he was the only one out of that year’s interns who completed and submitted a research paper.

When I looked back, I can’t believe he was so mature. I am sure he also missed home and also wanted to spend some time playing around in Russia. It has been five years since he moved out of home for college and then for work. Now I miss that summer when I knew he would return home in a few weeks.

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