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1, Jul 31, 2012

Email courtesy

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Sometimes you send an email, which is important. Of course, you would expect a reply at least confirming the receipt of your email. But when that reply never comes, you are left there staring at your inbox and wondering if you should re-send your email.

This is what happened to me on 7/16, Monday morning when I was expected to submit something via email. I did it once, then I did it again when I didn’t see it in the sent folder. Of course, the third time I did it with an apology and a hearty laughter.

The person on the other end must be annoyed over the bombardment of the same thing. “Gee, that woman must be too bored.”

I share this experience with my daughter. Be polite and send a reply to the sender if it contains some information that needs your acknowledgement.

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