Time to move…

By next month, I will have worked at the clinic level for five years. Since early this year, I thought I should move to something else.

For one thing, I don’t see any room for improvement and further development if I keep staying here. I need some challenge to keep me going.

For another, I don’t like the hierarchical nature in the clinic. I am comfortably with more egalitarian work environment.

Hence, I decided to try getting into our IT department. I kept looking for any openings within our system. Right before I left for China, I sent my application for one opening in our IT department. I had the first round of interview on 5/30.

I was told that they just started giving interviews. In fact, I was the first one to be interviewed and they didn’t know how many they would interview. I didn’t feel good toward one of the guys. In fact, I had a feeling that it would not turn out right. Indeed, it didn’t. My daughter said, “Good. Now you can concentrate on your writing.” Big comfort!

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