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1, Jun 9, 2012

Some Fun Facts of Physician Earnings

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Around the end of April, I read an article from Medscape on comparing Compensation Across 25 Specialties. There are some interesting facts.

The 2012 physician income:
$315,000 radiologists and orthopedic surgeons
$314,000 cardiologists
$309,000 anesthesiologists
$309,000 urologists
bottom-earning specialties in 2012’s survey were pediatrics, family medicine, and internal medicine.

Male physicians across all specialties earned about 40% more than female physicians. In primary care, men earned 23% more. Those figures are fairly consistent with Medscape’s 2011 survey data. However, the gap in income is narrower in some specialties.

As in Medscape’s 2011 survey, the highest-earning physicians practice in the North Central region, comprising Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and South and North Dakota; the mean income of physicians there is $234,000.

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