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1, Jun 23, 2012

Peanut butter and hazelnut spread

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On 6/1, the morning I left for China, I had some unexpected issues with people at the airport security check. I carried in my carry-on luggage a few bottles of peanut butter and two large jars of hazelnut spread. I was told they were considered liquid and thus could not be carried on the airplane.

Soon I found out it was no use arguing with them about the liquid nature of peanut butter. They seemed not to have a second and patience listening to me. They gave me two choices: either surrender them to the government or ship them as another check-in luggage.

A woman, acting like a boss there, told me to decide immediately. Her rudeness was both intolerable and unforgettable. Immediately I figured out it would cost more to keep them. So, I decided to go without them. At least I have learned something.

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