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1, Jun 30, 2012

One in the west, the other in the east

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Yesterday, my son and his girlfriend flew to California to join their friends for a week of fun there. He called home yesterday evening before the plane took off. As always, I am so glad he called.

Early this morning, we left for the airport to send my daughter to Pittsburgh, PA, for a three-week summer program.

Yesterday evening, I took her out to pick up some of the items that she needed for the trip. While on the car, I told my daughter to make good use of her time at home now as she will find it a privilege when she looks back years later.

“You will not have this carefree, all-study-time once you are on your own and after you work. See how many vacation days your brother has now.” I told her.

It is always like this. We begin to really appreciate what we have until after it is gone. Same can be said of our children. I miss them greatly when they are so far away.

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