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1, Jun 22, 2012

Happy 4th anniversary!

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Now I don’t even ask myself why I have kept writing. I don’t even find it necessary for any big cosmological question.

It is just like the reason of existence for any religious belief. The fact it can exist for so long, 4 full years, validates its legitimacy.

The blog site is first and foremost the place where people express themselves, share with the world ideas, beliefs, and daily occurrences, a mean of keeping updated to friends far and near. Occasionally, I sent the link to a blog entry to my children or to my friends, as if they had not read them.

When I flip back to the old blogs, I am glad I have written and have kept up my promise. And it gives me a good feeling. I am sure my children will be proud of me someday because of this.

Happy 4th birthday!

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