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1, Jun 17, 2012

“Everyone else looks after his own interests…”

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On 4/30, we received an internal email from our director of operation. She has been with the practice for 10 years and is leaving for another company by the end of the month. It was so nice that she gave a month’s notice.

Well, it seems normal for people to jump from one position to another when there are some big changes in a company, especially when a merger of two companies inevitably creates duplicates and sooner or later the duplicates will be removed. Rather than waiting to be laid off, these people seek out their own different path first.

One colleague comment, “Well, everyone looks after his own interest.” True. Another asked “Who’s the next one?” Still, her departure came as a shock to me, as I used to see that person as the permanent fixture of the company. I think I am still very much the product of old culture.

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