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1, Jun 12, 2012

Cool facts from Harvard Health Publications on weight problem

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On 5/16/2012, I learned some not cool facts from Harvard Health Publications.

1. What you eat affects your appearance, your energy and comfort, and—above all—your health.

2. America is on the wrong track. 2 out of 3 are overweight or obese.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are on the rise. Heart attacks, strokes, and cancer are distressingly common. Many factors contribute to these complex problems, but the basic reasons are simple: we eat too much, we choose the wrong foods, and we don’t get enough exercise.

3. Scientists know what diet is best for health. The fine print has changed and is likely to change some more, but the key facts are in.

4. Good eating is not a punishment, but an opportunity. If you know why it’s important and what to do, you’ll find it enjoyable and satisfying. And if you establish an overall pattern of healthful nutrition, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to savor the treats that matter most to you.

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