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1, Jun 24, 2012

“A nurse makes more money than a doctor”

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Things went smoothly after my rough encounter with security persons. The plane left Kansas at 11 AM on 6/1 and arrived Chicago at about 12:30 noon. An hour later, I left Chicago for Hong Kong. The plane landed at about 6 PM on 6/2. I was lucky enough to have an aisle seat.

Sitting by my right side was a middle-aged American who was on his way to Taiwan with a group of 6 Americans. When I told him I went back once a year to see my mother, he said his mother lived an hour from him and he also saw her once a year. “Guess I should see her more often,” he said.

After sitting for a while, I decided to stretch my legs. I was standing by two American girls in their 30s. They came from Virginia, went to Hong Kong for a week of meeting. Another guy in his late 30s was reading Dancing with Max: A Mother and Son Who Broke Free by Emily Colson.

That man has a son who has autism disorder, the same problem as Max. From there, the conversation moved to parenting. The man complained about his ex-wife who poured all her life into the care of her children. The man has five children, whom he called “It’s a zoo.”

He complained about his second wife that, being a physician, she put all her time into her work. “Never become a doctor,” was his advice. “A nurse makes more money than a doctor, even if she does not have the long medical training. The country will soon face a shortage of doctors,” said he. Interesting!

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