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1, May 31, 2012

Radio host, Seeking your own job opportunities

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On 5/6, after I sent my daughter to her teacher’s home for a class party, on the way back home, I was listening to NPR interview of Ira Glass, host of This American Life and other NPR programs.

I was very impressed by the way he got his foot into the door of NPR 30 years ago when he was about 19 years old. He practically talked his way into getting a position for himself there.

This reminds me of a person who graduated from college majoring in radio broadcast, but was unable to find a job using his education. He ended up working as a salesperson and stayed there permanently. While listening to Ira Glass story, I remember how my acquaintance used to complain about the difficulty in finding a job with his major.

Thought of the day: Originally, there is no road. The first person ventures out and beat a path, then more people follow his footsteps. That first person is the most courageous and admirable one. Of course, also the successful one.

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