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1, May 23, 2012

Never Check Email Before Going to Bed

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On the evening of 4/12, right before I went to bed, I checked my office email, which was a mistake. After reading an email from a young relative of mine, I got rather upset and couldn’t fall asleep. Later I told my daughter, “Never check emails right before you go to bed. You never know who will write what.”

In my previous emails with that relative, I shared with him my parenting experience with my children and how American parents raise their children. Because he is an adult now and I was hoping he could understand it.

Unfortunately, he misunderstood my intention, thinking I was trying to compare my children with him. I know they are totally different in personality, growing up experience, and maturity.  It is like comparing apple with pear when they are of different kind.

I felt both sorry and upset, sorry that he misunderstood me. The argumentative tone in his email sounds rather upsetting.

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