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1, May 27, 2012

How I Killed An Annoying Program

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On 4/22, Sunday evening, while my daughter was walking downstairs, I worked on fixing some of the problems with  my laptop. For sometimes, the desktop background was changed automatically when I closed the laptop. This is rather annoying as I prefer dark background and the changed one is bright white. I had to change back each time it happened.

I know there must be a program that does the trick. I just need some time to dig it out and I did that evening. Here’s what I did.
(1) Open Command Prompt
(2) Type msconfig to bring up System Configuration window
(3) Go to Startup tab
(4) Check the programs that start to run upon window startup.
(5) Test any programs that have unfamiliar manufacturer to see the effect of their execution.
(6) Finally, I found the culprit.

Of course, I disabled that program from System Configuration window and also deleted it from my computer. After that, I felt a lot better.

On 4/29, I solved another pc issue. I have noticed that my cursor moves by itself without any user action. There must be some program that does the trick. So I searched, tested, and found a program which I used to trust. It is ATKOSD2, which comes with ATK Package by ASUS. It turned out ATKOSD2.exe could be a virus, trojan, spyware, and adware. So I deleted it and the problem disappeared.

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