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1, May 24, 2012

Going back to China and meeting old friends

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I am going back to China to see my mother on 6/1. I bought the ticket on 3/1, applied for visa on 5/1, and notified my family of my schedule.

Normally, I plan ahead by telling some of my friends in Beijing. This time I will go to Shanghai in early June to meet two friends there and also will meet an old colleague of mine during this time-frame before she leaves for the States, also in early June.

There is one friend whom I have not seen for many years but have been thinking of every time I go back. She has become a very devout Christian and has devoted her time to church work in Beijing. She is one of the purest kind that I have known in my life. I am going to try to get in touch with her this time.

P.S. it so happened that a friend of mine here is leaving for China today with her two children. Wish her a good trip.

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