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1, Apr 3, 2012

Why did Sanford Police protect George Zimmerman under the excuse of Stand Your Ground law

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When George Zimmerman presented his side of story of the killing, did Sanford police examine the body of Trayvon Martin to find any signs of a desperate struggle prior to being killed? Did the police get a forensic exam to see where the shot got into the body, how far the shot came from? The results of these exams could very well prove the truthfulness of GZ’s story.

Now we heard two pieces of news: (1) from Richard Kurts, funeral director, who said Martin’s body showed no signs of struggle; (2) from police video of GZ being arrested. In the video, GZ appears uninjured on night of shooting, no bleeding nose or bruising from the close fight with a desperate dead man.

If the police had carried out these exams, why haven’t we heard anything about it so far? If the police had not done any of these exams, why hadn’t them? Why did the police accept the words of the killer without further investigation? Did police try to protect GZ under the excuse of Stand Your Ground law? If yes, why? If not, why didn’t the police further investigate this crime? At this point, I am left with no choice but this final question: Is it because the dead person was a black boy and deserved what he got?

From the handling of Trayvon Martin’s dead, I have seen one pernicious consequence of Stand Your Ground law. That is,  it provides the police with an excuse to treat killers differently.

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