Trayvon Martin Case Dividing Along Racial Line

On this case where a black boy was killed by a white Hispanic, it is rather disturbing to see white and black holding vastly different views.

One of my white colleagues complained of massive protest against Sanford Police handling of the killing. “We don’t know what happened. Why did media describe Zimmerman as the killer? Why do all these people jump the gun? There will never be a fair trial for Zimmerman.”

I can hear in my head the voices of the black demonstrators — Yes, this much we know — an unarmed black boy was killed by a white man, that the police set the killer free without further investigation. It is the police who first jumped the gun by deciding Zimmerman was not guilty of the murder. Without this massive protest, we would never be able to bring the criminal to justice. The police would not set the killer free if the killer were a black and the victim were a white…

I don’t think people will ever agree with each other because of their vast differences in race and experience.

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