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1, Apr 24, 2012

Three Types of Heart Attack

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On 4/6, while my daughter was not home that Friday evening, I found some time calling a young relative of mine in Texas, then chatting with a friend in Alabama. She told me she took baby aspirin every day. She knows it is good for heart health but she doesn’t know exactly why. I just learned about heart health that week. So I shared the following with her.

There are three types of heart attack.
(1) The first type is caused by slow build up of plaque, which eventually blocks blood flow to vessels that supply the heart with oxygen. This in turn causes chest pain or angina. Its diagnosis can be made with treadmill or angiogram.

(2) The second type is caused by inflammation in the arteries; half of all heart attacks occur in people with desirable cholesterol levels. This is where we need baby aspirin. It helps prevent inflammation.

(3) The third type is caused by arrhythmias, that is, erratic heart beat which often causes sudden death. It may account for half of the 500,000 heart attack deaths each year; sudden death happens unless a defibrillator is on hand;

Knowledge is power. Ignorance can cost life.

P.S. my daughter is leaving for Albuquerque, New Mexico today with her school for this year’s Acadec. They will be back on Saturday. It reminds me of the 2007 Acadec in Hawaii when my son went there with the school.

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