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1, Apr 26, 2012

The power of belief, the stories we tell the children — Part II

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To be sure, we all write our story with our life’s experience. Be it an epic voyage or a colorful journey, our story all starts from our first home, with our parents being the first narrators.

In the broadest sense, the stories that the parents tell the children define what is, what should be, and what shall be. They shape the way children see the world, explain cause and effect, give meanings to their experience now and later.

Furthermore, these stories embody the values that the parents hold and hope to pass on to their children. Sociologists call this social construction of reality. That is, we live in the world of reality that is initially constructed by our parents and is taken over by us as we grow older.

The stories always have heroes or heroines who are expected to conquer a mountain or to take a journey or to fight a battle or to reach a goal or to fulfill a promise or to complete a mission or to live up to an expectation. They invariably follow one of the master plots of all novels, that is, the hero of the story is going to take the journey.

These stories make up a large part of one’s childhood experiences. The memories of these early life experiences will continuously be interpreted by the child as he grows. They lay the foundation for beliefs about oneself and one’s self-confidence, convincing the child’s general competence or incompetence.

These childhood experiences can be translated into a set of assumptions about oneself and an explanation of why one succeeds or fails.

To be continued…

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