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1, Apr 16, 2012

Physician’s Profile in Happiness

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I read this survey medscape “Profiles in Happiness: Which Physicians Enjoy Life Most?” by Carol Peckham, 03/22/2012.

The characteristics of the happiest physician include the following.
(1) Live the American dream.
(2) Born in the United States
(3) Of normal weight and excellent health.
(4) Exercises 4 or more times a week
(5) Having1 or 2 drinks a day, and doesn’t smoke.
(6) Being in great financial shape, with more than adequate savings and no debt.
(7) Married, actively practices his faith, and volunteers for his religious organization.
(8) Mostly over 60 years of age

Those of the unhappiest physician are the following.
(1) Being in poor health, and being obese
(2) Exercises less than once a week
(3) In his mid-50s
(4) Came to the United States as an adult
(5) Finances are in terrible shape; no savings and unmanageable debt.
(6) Being separated and doesn’t volunteer
(7) Has a spiritual belief but doesn’t attend any services.

Not surprisingly, ordinary people and physicians share a lot in their values. That is, they all feel happy when they enjoy good health, financial security, or involve in group activities.

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