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1, Apr 12, 2012

No School Can Guarantee Your Future Success

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In the evening of 4/1/2012, a friend of mine called. Her first child is about the same age as my daughter. Two of her children go to private school.

From our conversation, I could tell that she was not happy with her children’s school efforts so far. I shared with her my understanding of school and one’s success in life.

To be sure, school is important. It is the place where a person is first judged and evaluated. A good college opens door to many opportunities and important connections. In a way, nothing can compare to the friendships formed in college. These college connections can be hugely helpful.

Yet, keep in mind school is not everything. No matter how best a school is claimed to be, no school can guarantee your future success. To a large extent, it will depend on the students whether or not she can make full use of her college years to develop herself.

When my daughter came back from her classmate’s house, I shared this view with her again.

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