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1, Apr 20, 2012

No One Told Me This–Root of the Problem

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Sometime I heard this explanation when I talked to some young people, as if this could explain why they had not done what they should have. This often occur among young people who are used to having everything well arranged for them or receive instruction for every step they take.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I don’t like this explanation! What does this mean to me?
(1) It means not taking initiative.
(2) It means not taking personal responsibility
(3) It means lack of independence
(4) It means inertia, waiting to be pushed
(5) It means following orders instead of leading the way
(6) It means mental laziness, allowing others to do thinking for you
(7) It means handing over the control of your life to others
(8) It means anything but success.

Don’t wait for others to tell you what you should do. In fact, you should resent this idea in your bone. You should ask yourself why I should listen to us when I have my own ideas. If you think your idea is not as good as that of others, ask yourself why.

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