No Absolute freedom of speech, Be careful what you post on the internet

I read an article on 4/9/2012 “Marine Sgt. Gary Stein fights losing battle over free speech rights.”

“A United States Marine Corps Administrative Separation Board recommended that Sgt. Gary Stein face a less than honorable discharge for criticizing President Obama on Facebook.”

Sgt. Gary Stein learned it the hard way that “When you join the military or other government service, you give up certain rights, including freedom of speech and expression. You are not allowed to advocate for certain issues or criticize policies or personnel in a public forum.”

In fact, there is no absolute freedom of speech no matter where you are. I heard of some people posting negative comments on her work place and got fired because of this. You got to be very careful when you voice your opinion on the internet. The consequence could be very costly.

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