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1, Apr 29, 2012

My Response to Unfriendly Comments

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This is one of those laughable moments that I want to remember. On midwest voices, I wrote an article on 4/7/2012 “History will be the final judge on our first black president.” When I wrote it, I knew some readers would jump out and bark out something.

I am amazed that some readers simply cannot hold themselves from being nasty. Here’s one example on this part of my writing “healthcare reform — universal health care, the 30-plus-year dream of the Democratic party, could still wait.”

Here’s the comment — “Your willingness to display your lack of knowledge of our political history is rather astounding.” So nice.

The first thought that came to me was to write something equally nasty. Then I laughed at myself and stopped there. So far I have held my ground and kept my silence on comments like this.

On 4/10, I posted “Mitt Romney’s homework.” I thought my piece is very mild, factual and neutral. But one reader who never fails to show up with something nasty — jumped out again, leaving a comment longer than my original piece. His whole purpose is to browbeat me psychologically and mentally. His choice of words serve to send this message — you are so stupid. Why don’t you shut up…  Too bad I refuse to be browbeat. Again, I have said nothing.

P.S. a friend of mine asked me “Don’t you get angry over these comments?” No, not that I am any better than anyone. I only need to remember that life is too short to be wasted on hating someone. Yes, not wasting time is my answer.

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