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1, Apr 7, 2012

How to Read Efficiently on Social Science Subject

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When I watched my daughter working on her social science reading, I thought of the time when she is in college and the amount of reading required in most humanity fields. A young relative of mine is currently in an MBA program, which also requires plenty of heavy readings. So I started thinking of giving some advice on how to read efficiently.

(1) Start reading introduction, abstract, book reviews, and conclusions. This way you have some idea of what you are getting at. Life gets easier if you know what to expect.

(2) Divide and conquer. Always use this method when you face a thick and abstruse book. You will feel more manageable, less intimidating once you chop it into small pieces.

(3) Read fast. Never read word for word, line by line. When you read slowly, you might know the meaning of all the words but fail to grasp the meaning of the sentence, of the paragraph, of the whole book. Remember you read in order to understand the author’s message, to interpret and evaluate the book. Fast reading can help you not to get lost.

There is one exception here when you read in order to memorize. If you read history textbook for some historical facts, use index to locate them and write down on the note card.
To be continued…

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