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1, Apr 9, 2012

How to Read Efficiently on Social Science Subject, Part III

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A good note taking can help you work efficiently on book report. Hence, it is very helpful to get into a good note taking habit.

(1) Avoid highlighting or underlining. You actually cheat yourself with underlining the text as if you have known the underlined part by finding this shortcut. Sometimes you think you underline the key point, but the underlined parts become meaningless when they are out of context. Sometimes, you forget why you underlined it. Don’t ever rely on the underlined part. Remember you don’t know the underlined part until it becomes part of you.

(2) Use either a note card or post note for your comments and your thoughts on the part you want to underline. Or you paraphrase the text on the note card. Allow the sentence go through your head and make it your own words.

(3) Use ( ) on the text for your referring citations.

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