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1, Apr 8, 2012

How to Read Efficiently on Social Science Subject, Part II

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A month after my son was born, I resumed my school work. First of all, I took up the task of preparing for the oral exam. All my PhD. committee members were present for this exam, in which they would ask me questions regarding the 50 books that I was supposed to be familiar with.

It was a real challenge to read through the 50 books in one month. I used inspection reading method, in which I read through introduction, table of content, index, publisher and scholarly book reviews, book summary at the beginning of each chapter, and of course the conclusion.

After that, I basically picked and chose which chapters and even which pages that I needed to read carefully in order to pass the exam. I saved lots of time by skipping many unimportant parts in these books.

While reading, I took notes and formulated my thought and argument on the issue, and also thought about other authors’ position on the same topic, if I could remember them. By comparison with other authors, you engaged in more dialogues among authors and thus made reading more fun and fruitful.
To be continued…

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