College is the First Step Forward

Last weekend, a friend of mine came over with her child. She mentioned a boy whom we know of. He was admitted into UC Berkeley, which is an accomplishment in itself.

As my son was out of college last year and my daughter is going to college next year, the talk of college reminded me of so many things that children need to consider.

It would be nice if the child can get into a top-notch college. But if the child cannot make full use of this to advance his/her career, it is like wasting the opportunity.

“On the first day you enter the college, you should think about and prepare for the day you leave it. Believe me that date comes sooner than you expected.” This much I have told my son. This I will also tell my daughter.

P.S. my daughter is going to Wichita today with her school team, right after school this afternoon.

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