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1, Apr 18, 2012

Another Busy Saturday When my Daughter was out of Town

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On 4/7, a Saturday, my daughter went to Wichita with her school the day before. I found myself suddenly having total control of my time. I seldom feel this way when my daughter is home. I always ask her what her plan is, either taking her to where she wants to go or staying home attending her needs. She is a high school junior now. I don’t mind staying around when she is home. After all she will be leaving for college in one year.

On that Saturday, I started with morning exercise, followed by house-cleaning. Too much of it! I also needed to get the yard ready for vegetable plants. But after house-cleaning, I felt like energy having been totally consumed. Time for re-charging. I didn’t felt like doing anything but resting, with a book in my hand.

I did plan to do a lot of things, like catching up on some of the writing and reading or going to grocery store. But either I became exhausted too soon or I was too slow to get anything done. I simply couldn’t complete the tasks on my to-do list. I am glad I have too much to do. Being busy is better than having nothing to do.

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