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1, Mar 29, 2012

Unexpected Challenges that a Writer Faces, Part II

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I can’t believe I have learned so much by being a contributing columnist. Not on writing skills but on the impact of writing and the importance of being a writer with a good quality of mind.

One more thing that I have learned is: — it is nearly impossible to engage in really intelligent dialogue. You write something serious and hope people will respond to the topic with some intelligent input.

But no. Readers often come with prejudice, which drives them to either ignore or attack you personally. Meanwhile, your message is seldom taken seriously. Often, if they don’t like the author, they would find the most effective hurting language for that author.

Internet expression gives one the opportunity to cover their true identity by either registering a fake name or even a fake gender.¬†After that, there is no stopping to people whose animosity knows no boundary.¬†Under the mask, no civility is necessary. Everything goes. This is the most tasking moment on a writer’s character.

Still, I have found it interesting to write and observe how people react. Because people are amazingly predictable. I mean when I write about health care reform, I can see how people will react. Indeed, they never act differently from what I have expected.

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