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1, Mar 17, 2012

There Won’t Be Anything Worth Taking if You Wait Till Last Minute

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On 3/10, the weekend before the start of spring break, I spoke with a friend of mine over the phone. She was worried about her child’s summer intern and I told her I was concerned with my daughter’s, too.

To be sure, one should start looking at the beginning of the spring semester for a paid summer intern position. It is too late if you have not found one by the beginning of spring break.

Her child is in third year of college and mine third year of high school. For college graduates, a good internship is extremely important in landing a good job upon graduation. The third summer is the last chance for this activity. That’s why my friend is so worried.

For high schoolers, a good summer intern experience provides many opportunities for enhancing one’s resume for college application. If you cannot find a paid intern, you can always find an unpaid one, which is practically the same thing as volunteering. Volunteering is a good experience, but it has to be a different kind of volunteering, not the one in which you simply put in your time.

I hope my daughter can learn a lesson from this experience and avoid this last-minute anxiety.

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