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1, Mar 31, 2012

The Promises we make to ourselves, failure and excuses

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We are nearly three months down this year’s calendar. I checked my 2012 New Year Resolution last week. I was discouraged to find that I have not kept up with any items on the list. I think I have become one of the statistics on the failure-to-keep promise list.

While experiencing the failure in keeping my promise to myself, I found one interesting phenomenon. Every time I am aware of this failure, I can always come up with excuses for myself. And I found some kind of cheap comfort in these excuses, even if I know I am cheating myself.

Isn’t something that we all share, like part of our nature? Or is it just me? I don’t know the answer. But I know many people have not kept up their New Year Resolutions, which, of course, should not be my excuse for my failure, that is, if I don’t want to be like everybody else.

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