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1, Mar 25, 2012

One Harsh Reality of Becoming a Doctor

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“Thousands Of Doctors Don’t Get Residencies, Competitive Field Leaves Many With Degree But No Practice” By Dr. Anthony Youn Special to CNN. I read this news on 3/19/2012.

The author first tells the story of a man in his early 30s, who “obtained his medical degree from a school in Eastern Europe prior to immigrating to the United States. Now he spends his days cleaning surgical instruments and his nights working in a restaurant.”

He dreamed of becoming a surgeon when he told the author “Someday I’ll be a surgeon, just like you.”

The author writes, “I watch Sam meticulously clean and rinse the surgical instruments, his hands moving steadily and purposefully. There is not an ounce of unused motion. The fluidity and grace in his hands remind me of my surgical mentors. Then the sad realization hits me. It doesn’t matter how much Sam wants it. He will never be a surgeon.”

Without residency, an M.D. cannot be a practicing physician. For those who cannot find residency for a few years either end up working in a research lab or quit medical field completely. It is sad to see them giving up the dream of being a doctor after going through years of training.

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