Money always means time

On 2/22/2012, my son told me about a credit card offer and asked if it was worthwhile having an extra issue like this. I agree it is a good offer, but I thought it a bit waste of time trying to manage many credit cards. As it is with me now, I try to simplify my life so that I will have less things to worry and more time and energy on what I want to do.

I told him not to go for it, that is, if he has more important issues than this. Also, I thought by giving it up, it will help him get in the habit of focusing on bigger prize. One can always squeeze some savings elsewhere for that amount. Money always means time. You want to get more out of your limited time.

I keep telling myself to focus on the major things in life, but given my current situation, I have to worry many minor things. At the same time, I constantly try to rise above and focus on something bigger than this. I wish my children’s life will be a whole lot simpler than mine so that they can be more focused.

I wish someone told me this when I was young so that I could have avoided wasting my time and energy on some very trivial issues and could have used them on what was really important.

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