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1, Mar 14, 2012

Men are Richer and More Powerful than Women

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On 3/8/2012, a monitor from Portland Oregon came. I mentioned to her International Women’s Day. To my surprise, she had never heard of this. She did not even know March was Women’s history month. I thought people from west coast must be less provincial than folks in midwest.

The next day she was here again. We chatted a little bit about women’s status in America. I said to her “Think this way, women make up more than half of the total population, yet they represent less than 17% in US congress. That’s why we see the ridiculous things like having all these men decide whether or not women can have abortion or contraception.”

She said it was because men were richer and more powerful than women. True, one needs to have money and power to get into politics. But why is it so? Is it because men are more capable, or more intelligent, or more aggressive? Is this the root cause of all gender inequality? I cannot bring myself to accept this. Can you?

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