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1, Mar 1, 2012

Hot Days Bring Back Memories of Summer

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On 2/22/2012, the weather was unseasonably warm. I went out and sat in my car in the afternoon. It was so warm that it reminded me of the hot summer days when I sent my daughter to summer enrichment program or when I went to get my son and later my daughter back from their summer school.

That day I gave a ride to my daughter’s classmate. On the way back home, I shared my feelings of the day with my daughter. I told her for some reason hot days always brought back the memory of summer activities, having nothing to do with work though. And I always felt summer was supposed to be the time for break, not supposed to work. If I were teaching at college, I would have at least three months off in a year, one month winter break, two months of summer break. I would have plenty of time to do whatever I please.

It seems my best memory always centers around┬ásummer when I was most free, either during my childhood or during my children’s childhood.

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