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1, Mar 24, 2012

Unexpected Challenges that a Writer Faces

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I have learned from my role as a free lancer contributing columnist that there are many unexpected challenges facing any writer. Here is one of them.

Resist the temptation to lower yourself. Very often, when I see some nasty comments like personal attacks or comments with the intention to hurt you as much as possible, I feel a strong urge to reply with vengeance.

e.g. one comment from a female reader who always comes out as the meanest one wrote “Have read a few of your articles and your not improving…is there a time limit?” I was thinking of telling her how stupid she is when she doesn’t even know the correct grammar should be “you are” instead of “your.” Or asking her “What’s the purpose of your comment? Do you just enjoy hurting people? Are you so sick as to get pleasure by hurting people? Go see a doctor if your mind is so sick.”.. Or “shut your stupid mouth if you don’t have anything nice to spit out of your stupid head.”

In fact, I have many strong offensive words ready to throw back at her. Then I can see the impact of her hostility on me and how it has already changed me. I can also see the smile on her face if I do, because this is exactly what she expects me to do. To get me down to her level — this might be her ultimate intention. I bet she would feel extremely frustrated if I remain untouched by her mean-spirited comments.

I know the most effective response is silence. By ignoring her, I send a message telling her she is not worthy of any attention. Except this time, I was not able to send my best response. That is, I left these words for myself, “One of the biggest challenges in life is not to punish yourself by other people’s weaknesses.” I am glad I have not said “by other people’s stupidity and animosity.”

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