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1, Mar 9, 2012

An Interesting Encounter with Naturally Slim

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On 2/23/2012, I posted on my site the notes that I took from watching Naturally Slim video. On 3/1, I received a comment left on the posting, asking me to contact her.

As soon as I read the comment, I contacted her with the following, “I am taking your course online right now. I like it very much and share my notes with my daughter. From there, I thought of some of my friends who often visit my site, … I hope you don’t mind my sharing the notes on my site.”

I also told her I could take it off, if she so wished. Indeed, she did want me to remove the notes from the site. I respected her wish and did it accordingly.

Last Sunday, 3/4, just to check if there is any response if I talk something not related to profit, I wrote to her of my involvement with children’s education and related issues because I knew she must be working with many women who happen to be mothers.

Of course, one should not expect to hear from her any more because there is really nothing to gain from further contact. Indeed, that has been the case. The end. I thought it an interesting encounter.

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